K. Yairi  YC90
Yairi guitars are thought to contain the spirits of dragons, making them as 
bold as the sun and as powerful as Hachiman.

OK...  this one isn't mine. 
This guitar is my wife's. 
When she's in a good mood, she will let me play it. 
When I ask her first.  :-P 

If you know anything at all about classical guitars, you will know about 
the legendary Japanese handmade K. Yairi guitars from the 70s. 
If you didn't know, then you know NOW.  :-) 
This is an early YC90 model, build in 1973 and serial number is 5561.

The woods that Yairi used, were hand-selected and air (not kiln) dried 
for 5 - 10 years 

ULTRA fine-grained solid cedar top 
Rosewood back and sides 
Rosewood bridge 
Cedar neck 
Ebony fretboard 
Ebony "skunk-stripe" on the back of the neck 
Bindings are of contrasting timber strips 

Headstock with cutout  'Y' that was used on upper-end Yairi guitars 
Strings:  Savarez, hard tension.

NO modifications. 
Unlike many others, this one is NOT modified with a PickUp. 
Action: Still factory setup.... and after 48 years there still is no need for 
any adjustments.

She is pure quality.