Vicente Tatay Tomas
Build in Valencia, Spain, before 1967

This was my second guitar, and my second Tatay Tomas. 

Mr. Tomas had nothing to be proud of concerning the looks of his guitars.  They seemed only half finished. 

He knew how to build a guitar with a great sound....  the sound of a SPANISH guitar...   which is very different from a Japanese "Spanish" guitar, where the highs drowns in the lows. 

But he must have hated woodworking  :-) 

for craftmanship

  for SOUND !!!!

Solid spruce top 
African mahogany back and sides 
Cedar neck 
??  Fretboard (not rosewood, not ebony) 
??  Bridge (I really don't know, it looks a bit like walnut) 

Strings: Savarez, hard tension 

Listen to: 
I Who Have Nothing 
Nights In White Satin



<bgsound src="bg_tatay.mp3" loop="infinite">