I have been playing music off-and-on since 1966, but I have hardly touched a guitar since 1990 or so.
I've played in bands... and always adapted my playing to the rest of the band.
I tried to play how others wanted me to play. I played what people wanted to hear. Played what made best money.

After a 20 years break I wanted to see if I still can move the old fingers.
BUT...  this time I play for myself and my friends.
Not to please anyone, not to earn money but just for the FUN of playing.
And I don't give a f*****g d**n 'bout what others think of it.  :-))
My FUN OF PLAYING is important....  not the results.

So....  enjoy it or don't  :-P

If you like it,  let me know here
If you don't like it....  hurry and go listen to something better  :-)


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